Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

Textiles for the gods

Many pre-Hispanic tombs have yielded bags and cloths such as those displayed here. Some contained household items, coca leaves and/or agricultural products, others were empty. These cloth items had ritual and ceremonial uses, like the chuspas (pouches) and taris (altar cloths) used by present-day Aymaras, reflecting a cultural tradition spanning 1500 years. The use, style and manufacturing techniques of these items communicated the identity and religious beliefs of those who made and used them.

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Textiles for the gods.

Textiles for the gods.

Chuspa bag with tassels. Detail. Arica. MCHAP, 3023.




Altar cloth or funeral wrapper. Formativo (Río Loa). MCHAP 2961.

Embroidered altar cloth. Tiwanaku (Arica). Colección Manuel Blanco Encalada, PE-184 .

Textiles for the gods, green line.